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Deco O Support

Deco O Support

Quick Startup

Pump Cleaning


The water pump doesn't work. 

  1. Check if the water pump is connected to the USB adapter.

  2. Clean the water pump according to "Maintenance" in the instruction booklet (IB) or watch "Pump Cleaning" video above. 


My Deco O tank worked well, but recently the light doesn't seem to be working properly. It seems like the touch function is not working.

  1. You can first try to reset the electronics by unplugging the USB plug between lighting and the USB adapter. Re-connect after 10 seconds to see if it works.  

  2. Sometimes there could be water droplets or algae growth around the silicone o-ring between the sensor of the Uni-module and the top plate, which may affect the touch control. Clean the light module according to "Lamp Maintenance Tips" in the IB. 

If excess algae grow:

  1. Make sure the aquarium is not under direct sunlight all the time. Consider repositioning your tank. 

  2. Algae Cure (or water care products) can be purchased from aquatic shops to help control algae growth. 

  3. If the light is turned on for 24 hours a day, please try to keep it on for 12 hours max. Your fish will need time to rest and algae can grow easily under long hours of lighting. 



BASIC support

BASIC range Support

Quick Startup



The water pump doesn't work. 

  1. For the initial start, make sure water level covers the water pump's impeller position (halfway of the pump). This is a submersible pump which will work properly even under water. 

  2. If the water level covers the water pump and it still doesn't work. Clean the water pump according to the "Pump Cleaning" video above. 


If the LED doesn't light up

  1. Make sure the USB adapter is plugged into the main supply and is securely connected. Push the switch to "ON" position. 

  2. If the LED doesn't light up, replace the LED light.  

How to get more air from Self-Aeration?

  1. Make sure NOT to put extra filter media into the filter box as this will reduce the flow and reduce air bubbles in Self-Aeration. 

  2. The bubbles by Self-Aeration are enough for normal fish keeping. Add a separate air pump if needed. 


The noise of water returning to the tank is noisy. 

For models less than 25L, a Silencer can be attached to the water outlet, this will create a slide for water to return to the tank silently. 

GKM support

GKM Support

Quick Startup - AAUV9W

Pump Cleaning - AAUV9W

Quick Startup - AAUV24W

Pump Cleaning - AAUV24W, GKM9W, GKM24W


How do I know when the bulb is dead?

There is a GREEN LED on the control box. If the LED is ON, it's good. When the LED is OFF, it's time to change the UV bulb assembly (or change the UV unit for Clip-On GKM3W).


How long does the unit last in service?

In normal use bulbs typically last about 6-9 months in constant use. Some bulbs can last up to a year. To lengthen the service of your bulb, we suggest once your water is sparkling clear for 7 full days, start using your UV on a limited as needed basis. Run it with your light timer or only on weekends, etc. 


Why is the flow rate so slow?

Slow flow rate together with our ZIGZAC flow design (inside the housing) is to maximise exposure time. 


Is there a way to replace the bulb?

Just like any other UV system, the bulb itself is disposable. The difference between GKM and others is that we replace the lamp together with its housing, so we make sure the seal is 100% and avoid UV housing deteriorate over time. Prices for these replacement bulbs are reasonable. 

How come my bulb looks old with dust all over it?

If you notice a slight whitish powder on the surface of your GKM, simply rinse it off. This powder is due to the special high-performance plastics we use that withstands the intense UVC rays. 


Does Mini GKM3W really come with 2 plugs?

Yes, 1 for the pump and 1 for the UV assembly, since our UV bulbs are 100% sealed at the factory, making it easy for consumers.  


Instruction Booklets

Deco O




BASIC range


GKM - Internal UV

Clip-On GKM3W

Mini GKM3W

Large tanks




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