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AA Aquarium

since 1982

Sealand Holdings Co., Ltd. founded AA Aquarium in 1982 with the aim to design and manufacture easy-to-use aquarium equipment. We are proud to have worked with so many distributors and retailers around the world to bring our aquatic products to so many aquarium enthusiast and beginners, so they can simply sit back and enjoy seeing their fish without too many hassles. 

With our extensive experience in manufacturing top quality water pumps, Sealand is proud to have successfully launched Cat H2O and Dog H2O. They are stylish pet water fountains providing fresh & filtered water to encourage pets to drink more water. Bonus Dental Care tablets work seamlessly with our fountains to provide daily oral hygiene while drinking water. 


Sealand will continue to focus on making great aquatic & pet products and bring a happy experience to pet parents around the world. 

For more information about our other products, please visit their websites below:

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