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Filter Cartridge

Filter cartridge includes: 

  • Sponge: removes food residues & other organic substances.

  • Activated carbon: adsorbs excess nitrogen, chlorides & remove odour.

Rinse with water from the aquarium and replace old cartridges. Recommend to change monthly.


Water pump


Replacement water pump for AA aquariums, including strainer and connecting pipes. 


For submersible water pump, make sure the water level is above the impeller position (covering at least half of the pump) for initial operation.


GKM parts

Spare bulb for GKM


We make sure every bulb is sealed 100% and avoid UV housing deteriorate over time, it's a fresh housing with every bulb change. 

Once the water is clear, there is no need to keep GKM on 24/7. Use it on a timer or at weekends only. 


Other GKM parts


Everything from the water pump, control box, replacement sponge, transformer and pipe kits... 

Please click the image on the right to shop for other GKM parts. (For US market only)


Other parts


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