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Model No.: AA2727LGD
Product Name: AQUA BOX 2 (17L/4.5Ga)
Description: - 12V cube shape, all-in-one desktop aquarium with latest High-Power LED technology.
- Creates smoothing ripples effect just like the ocean.
- GO GREEN with HPLED, no mercury, high efficiency, long lasting & low heat generation.
- Built-in moon light feature
- Built-in drawer with air-tight compartment inside for fish food
- Magic tough control: simply swipe your hand over the on/off symbol to switch from day light to moon light.
- Light strip is removeable, which means more room for cleaning and maintenance when needed.
- Efficient internal filter with Sponge, carbon & bio-rings included
- 12V electrically child safe complete aquarium design

A 25W heater (sold separately) is needed for tropical fish during winter.
Aquarium Dimension (cm): 27 x 30 x 37.5
Aquarium Dimension (in): 10.6 x 11.8 x 14.8
Volume / Capacity: 17L / 4.5US Ga.
Flow Rate: 200L/Hr.
Input: 12Vac ( transformer included )
Lamp: 2 x 1W HPLED
Complys with Safety Standards:
Colors Available:
Spare Parts:
User Manual