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Model No.: AA440PGC (VP498 & FRF-440)
Product Name: Slim & Panoramic (20L/5Ga)
Description: - Slim & Panoramic shape
- Complete aquarium with filter and lamp
- 5W energy saving lamp
- Flow regulator for different types of fish & aquarium
- Enclosed fully pressurized tank-top filtration system, complete 3 stages filtration
- A redesigned cartridge, which now makes changing a breeze, besides the usual filter wool, activated carbon & bio rings, it also comes with Zeolite, a substance that removes ammonia (present in your tank as uneaten food and fish waste).

A 25W heater (sold separately) is needed for tropical fish during winter.
Aquarium Dimension (cm): 44.5 x 20 x 35.5
Aquarium Dimension (in): 17.5 x 7.9 x 14
Volume / Capacity: 20L/5Ga
Flow Rate: 200L/Hr
Input: 220-240Vac 50Hz
Watt: 7W
Lamp: 5W E14
Complys with Safety Standards:
Colors Available:
Spare Parts:
User Manual