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Model No.: AA002F
Product Name: Tropical Fish Food (Mini Granules)
Description: AA Tropical fish food is formulated to provide a balance diet with all necessary nutrients for the growth and development of all smaller tropical fish. Plus brings out stunning colours of your fish. Our mini granules are soft & easily digestible.

For: Guppies, Zebras, Tetras & other small tropical fish... etc.

Feed your fish numerous times a day as much as they can consumer in 2-3 minutes. Close lid properly & store in cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Core ingredients: Fish & fish derivatives, vegetable protein concentrates, wheat flour, algae, plankton, yeast, fish oil, lecithin & EEC permitted colourants

Analysis: protein 54%, fat 15%, fibre 1%, ash10%, moisture 12%

Vitamins: A 26,250 IU/Kg, D3 2,750 IU/Kg, E 300 Mg/Kg, C 450 Mg/Kg

100% Made in Europe
Volume / Capacity: 50g / 100ml