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Model No.: AA10L-OGD (FRF-DECO-MINI, EG539, EG751)
Product Name: Deco O mini
Description: Deco O mini is a designer aquarium, allowing you to get close to the stunning beauty of aquatic life in beautiful, calm & natural ways that compliments your life style. It is also a terrific way to truly bring nature into your environment for your entire family.

The design of Deco O mini carefully resembles the traditional fish bowl, creating an immediate bond that it is designed for fish.

* Magic Touch lighting – select day light or moon light, just by a touch on the top of the tank
* Advanced HPLED lighting creates relaxing shimmering sun-like ripples in your aquarium
* Moonlight feature with blue LED, also nightlight for home
* Uni-module lighting design incorporating the Touch sensor, HPLED’s and electronics in a totally sealed single module for years of care-free service
* Integrated filtration system built into tank décor
* Includes:
- 10L/2.6US Ga. Deco o mini aquarium
- 12V air pump, silicone air tube and filter
- Gravel
- Decorative rock
- Silicone coral
* Simply add water and fish
* 1 year limited warranty

Spare Parts:
- Air Pump: AA316
- Filter Media: R-AA26-SC
Aquarium Dimension (cm): 33.5 x 13.6 x 31
Aquarium Dimension (in): 13.2 x 5.3 x 12.2
Volume / Capacity: 10L / 2.6US Ga.
Input: 12Va.c. 0.25A
Watt: Lamp: 1W, Air Pump: 2W
Lamp: 1 x 1W HPLED
Complys with Safety Standards:
Colors Available:
Spare Parts:
User Manual

Q: The air pump is plugged in & vibrating, but there aren’t any bubbles in the aquarium. 

A: There is a one way valve which prevents water coming down the tube if the power is switched off. You can see this valve in the airline (the tube running between the air pump and the aquarium), check that it is pointing in the right direction – the small part should be facing the air pump. If you aquarium has been running for a while the air stone may have become blocked with dirt or lime scale, this is easy to replace with a new one. 

Deco O Mini aquariums also have an air regulator, check that this is not completely shut by turning the dial. 


Q:  My Deco O tank worked well, but recently the bulb doesn't seem to be working properly. It seems like the touch function is no longer working. 

A:  You can firstly try to reset the electronics by unplugging the 12V plug between the lighting and the 12V adapter. Re-connect after 10 secounds to see if it works.


Sometimes there could be some water droplets or algae growth around the silicone o-ring between the sensor of the Uni-Module and the top plate, which affects the sensor.

(1) Unplug the adapter from the main power, then unplug the 12V plug between lighting and the adapter. Remove top plate from aquarium, carefully line up the pivot with the slot. Gently lift it from the pivot side of the plate.

(2) Unscrew all 4 screws.

(3) Gently lift the Uni-Module (glass tube) and clean with a damp cloth. * Note: you can re-connect the 12V plug to see if the Uni-Module works. If it is still faulty, please contact our servicing agent for replacement.

(4) Pay attention to the silicone o-ring and the square area within the o-ring. Clean this area & the o-ring to remove any algae or water droplets. Dry with a paper towel before re-assembling together.