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AA on High Power LED Technology

AA Aquarium's R&D team has developed and integrated the technology of High Power LED's (HPLED) into our exciting line of affordable and mass market aquariums. Starting with our leading Aqua Box line in 2010, we continually apply HPLED technology to our expanding range of tanks.

HPLED's give off light so intensely that the rays easily reach the bottom of your aquarium, illuminating the gravel, sand or decorations. Movement at the water's surface yields beautiful and natural looking light ripples, giving your aquarium a lifelike shimmering effect, just like the ocean. 

LED's give you years of consistent service in use, but the electronics that drive them can sometimes suffer from moisture and limit their use.

AA Aquarium's Engineering team has solved this issue by creating a totally sealed glass light module, like a heater tube, to enclose the HPLED's and electronics, including our Magic Touch controls found in some aquarium models.
AA is integrating the HPLED lighting modules into our aquariums, making our products more homogenous and easier to use.
HPLED's offer the benefit of super performance, reliability, and simplicity when compared to ordinary low power LEDs found in competitor's units. Our HPLED's feature wide angle lighting that covers larger areas of your aquarium.  While others use 10 to 30 low power cheap LEDs to light tanks, a few of our HPLED's can effectively light your entire aquarium. 
Metal halide lighting creates the same beautiful shimmering effects as HPLED's, but use up to 10 times more energy! Halides also create a great amount of heat, creating the need for water cooling or air conditioning, again wasting more energy.

HPLED's are best for the environment as they contain no mercury - like a T5 or PL lamp - and you will never have to change so many bulbs over the years.

HPLED's are the lighting of the future, and AA Aquarium brings HPLED technology to our products for hobbyists and consumers around the world.